Girls Gone Hypnotized

Custom Videos

Occasionally, we will offer the opportunity to have your very own custom video created.  You write the story, we'll handle the rest!  We only offer custom videos with models who are currently available.  At the moment, that would be Victoria.

We are currently booking for Victoria only at the moment.  Only a limited number of  scripts will be accepted because of time constraints.  Please do not delay if interested!

Videos are shot POV (first person) and feature only Victoria being hypnotized, speaking, and interacting with the camera (you).  You can have the model call you by name if you wish. When writing your script or idea out, please be as detailed as possible, but it is not necessary to write out every word of dialog.  If you'd like to write out general ideas and have us bring them to life, that is acceptable too.  Victoria is not comfortable with nudity or sexual content.   An example of her previous work can be found here .

Rates are :

  • $125 for 10 minutes of edited video, or $250 for 20 minutes of edited video (rates are based on shoot time)

We will execute your script to the best of our ability. At times, however, we may need to take artistic license for logistic reasons or to 'make things work.' Should your script not adequately fill your purchased running time, we will do our best to fill in the gaps in your story.

To have your script approved and processed, please submit your request in an email titled, Custom Video, to:  

All custom videos will be exclusive to the buyer for at least two months.

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